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Kizuna Taiko

About Kizuna

Kizuna is the Gold Coast's own local community Japanese drumming team.  We've been sharing the art and power of taiko drumming around Australia for the over 10 years.


The group's name, KIZUNA, means "bond"in Japanese. This represents the bond between the people of Australia and Japan. Kizuna’s aim is to share the tradition of Japanese culture by bringing their drumming performance to the Australian community.


Kizuna Taiko has performed at a number of local community events and fundraising events over the years, often being invited back year after year to perform. Whether it is for Parents and Citizens fundraising events, or Rotary Qld Kokoda Challenge or the likes, we work closely with event organisers to ensure we provide the type of performance they had envisaged.

Kizuna Taiko loves teaching our art of Taiko to our community, through workshops and performances at schools or community groups. We have also been involved in running team-building sessions for community groups as a fun and challenging way of getting people motivated and working together. 


Kizuna Taiko has performed a number of times at the Woodford Folk Festival and at a number of corporate events. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt our performances to suit the type of audience intended or to fit into themes desired by our clients. We work hard to ensure we provide a high quality performance for our audiences each and every time. Kizuna Taiko have also been involved in running team-building sessions for businesses as a fun and challenging way of getting staff motivated and working together. Or as part of a  company’s Health and Wellbeing Initiative. Taiko workshops can be quite physically challenging, but can be adapted to suit the levels of participants taking part. 


What is Taiko?

Taiko is the Japanese word for "drum", and also for the art of traditional percussion in the Japanese style.  Like many world musics, it has a diverse history that goes back centuries.  It is distinguished not only by its instruments, rhythms and sounds, but especially by the whole-of-body movements that taiko drummers perform in every piece.  Different regions of Japan are known for particular styles of taiko, often associated with major festivals.  In the last few decades, taiko has spread from Japan to many countries around the world.

Kizuna Taiko is a not for profit organisation

All of the income we earn from our performances goes back into our kitty to cover our group’s operational costs and to fund the purchase of new equipment, costumes and on occasion to invite professional instructors to improve our Taiko skills.


All of our members are voluntary members who are dedicated to learning and sharing their knowledge of Taiko.

Invite us to your event, and support Kizuna Taiko!

Do you want to try out Taiko?

We welcome any new players who are interested in learning more about playing Taiko. We hold free “Come and Try Taiko” sessions, sporadically throughout the year, or Beginner Workshops, or Beginner Lessons over a set number of weeks with regular weekly lessons. 

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